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The Message of the Forerunner
This is a short description of the Forerunner Message and its relationship to the Gospel of the Kingdom. More ...
Gary Wiens
Prophesying to the Winds
With these words, the Shulamite articulates the primary transition of her life. Her desire is no longer that her comfort zone be maintained. Rather, her desire now is that the King would receive maximum pleasure from the fragrance of her life. More ...
Gary Wiens
Dark Nights and God's Ways
In the journey that God has each of us on – the journey toward intimacy and authority as the Bride of Christ – it is essential to understand the strategies of God, particularly during those seasons when His presence seems hard to find. More ...
Gary Wiens
Encountering God In Bible Stories
One of the best ways to have a predictable encounter with the person of God is to meditate upon the stories of the Bible – real encounters between God and His people. More ...
Gary Wiens
The Glorious Bridegroom, Part 1
The Challenging Leader Part 2
The Challenging Leader
Jesus, The Passionate Suitor Part 2
Jesus, The Passionate Suitor
Prophetic Pictures of the Bridegroom God
Discovering Jesus, The Bridegroom God
The Story of Hosea and Gomer
The Story of Isaac and Rebekah
The Joining of Adam and Eve
A New Way Of Seeing
Partners In Intercession
Jesus, The Original Intercessor
Prayer: The Great Romance
Prayer To Increase Our Boundaries
Prayer As A Tool For Change
Mistaken Ideas About Prayer
Baptism: A Predictable Power Encounter
Why We Pray
Building The House Of Prayer
Warning: Is God's Favor Being Removed?
Welcome to Burning Heart Ministries
Living Today With An Eye To Eternity
Deeper In Prayer: The Need For Intimacy And Urgency